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Visual inspection

Visual Inspection Solution
- Using AI to solve visual inspection and overdetection in the manufacturing industry -

Conventional visual inspections have been faced with the problem of over-detection, which results in rejecting many good products.
Cross Compass' AI visual inspection solution supports this improvement and makes it possible to reduce the labor-intensive and time-consuming visual confirmation work for re-inspecting products.
At the same time, we will be able to inherit the skills and tricks of experienced inspectors using digital technology.
We work together with our customers to solve on-site issues, including the gradual introduction of AI technology and the achievement of cost reductions.



Productivity improvement

Operating 24 hours a day without breaks. Reduces secondary inspections and shortens inspection times!

Quality improvement and stabilization

Reflect the inspection skills of experts in AI to eliminate variations in human judgment!

Cost reduction

Promotes manpower saving (reskilling) of visual inspectors. Also speeds up training of new inspectors!

From the first step in applying AI to system development and operation

Technical validation phase

Feasibility assessment

​1 week

​Detailed evaluation

1 month

Easily check whether AI can help resolve inspection issues

Easily check whether AI can help resolve inspection issues

System Development

・Introduction phase

AI execution
Software development

1 to 3 months

​Introduction of AI generation tool system

1 month+

We develop custom software that customers can use comfortably, including data interface, AI judgment, result display and storage, etc.

Building a link between AI generation tools and production site systems

Operational Phase


1 to 3 months

Provides AI model updates and ongoing technical support to support long-term stable operation

Introducing visual inspection using Cross Compass AI

Cross Compass' AI solutions provide AI solutions to help address the challenges facing the manufacturing industry, including a global decline in the working population and a lack of successors to pass on the skills and techniques of skilled workers.


From pre-assessment to system implementation

One-stop service
Feasibility assessment ⇒ Imaging environment construction ⇒ Accuracy assessment ⇒ AI execution software development ⇒ AI generation tool system introduction ⇒ On-site operation

AI generation using only good product data
Even in cases where it is difficult to collect defective data, highly accurate AI can be generated by learning only from data of good products.

Visualize AI judgment results
Abnormal areas are visualized in a heat map. They can be saved as quality data.

Easily generate AI and improve accuracy at manufacturing sites
Anyone can easily generate AI in a short time. Realizing "AI developed on-site"

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