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Sample Collection



Introduction of visual inspection

With the image analysis AI software "MAUFACIA-ADT", the more likely it is to fail, the darker the red color becomes.heat map” to display judgment results in an easy-to-understand manner.

Note: The AI detection examples shown below are intentionally created defects in Cross Compass and have nothing to do with the actual product


Foreign object detection in pebbles

It does not react to the bottom of the container or light reflection, but reacts only to foreign matter (plastic material). A white foreign object resembling a stone can also be detected

fabric inspection

Detects dirt, loose threads, lint, etc.

​Electronic board inspection

Electronic board.JPG

Catch component mounting errors and component defects in the circled area

​Defect detection on uneven walls


Detects yellow spots buried in random shapes

​Color unevenness/scratches detection


Detects foreign matter adhering to the nozzle tip (enlarged photo)

​Meat Foreign Matter Inspection


Detect foreign objects in breast meat

​ Foreign object detection in edamame


Detecting insect-eaten areas

It is possible to automate judgment based on human senses such as ambiguity and flexibility

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