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AI Engineer


Job Description

・Data preprocessing and model creation
・Develop solutions using state-of-the-art models

Required Skills

・At least 1 year working experience in Python
・Development experience with Git
・Basic knowledge of machine learning and statistics
・Reading comprehension to explain the latest papers
・Background in science and engineering: understanding of data collection

Welcome Skills 

・Work experience in software development outside of Python
・Basic knowledge of Numpy and Pandas
・Knowledge of image processing in OpenCV or Pillow
・Knowledge of NLP (experience with Mecab, statistical processing, modern models like GPT-3)
・Experience with Pytorch and Tensorflow
・Experienced in using cloud services (AWS, Azure, etc.)
・English conversation: level of technical discussion

The kind of person we are looking for

・People who can propose all possibilities regardless of machine learning
・People who can catch up with the ever-evolving AI

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