Researcher / Roboticist

Job Post

Join our effort to bring AI closer to everyone! Help us address labor shortage in factories, assist workers and the elderly in their everyday tasks, build safer and smarter environments that benefit society as a whole.
As a member of our cross-cultural teams, lead the research in intelligence science, create innovative cognitive systems for robotics, conceive an Artificial General Intelligence, design cutting-edge solutions with a real impact on people’s lives. Join us and be at the crossroads of science, industry, humanity, and the next AI revolution!

Researcher in the AI field

[Job Description]
 – Research in Artificial Intelligence
 – Dissemination (publications, conferences)

 – PhD in Machine Learning, Data Science, Cognitive Science, etc.
 – Strong knowledge in Mathematics
 – Understanding of Deep Learning theory
 – Reading and writing in English (academic papers)
 – Python, C++ skills
 – Linux experience

 – Proven track record of publications, patents and innovations
 – Up to date with the literature
 – Experimental methodology
 – Statistical analysis
 – Academic references

[Our Ideal Candidate Is]
 – A team player capable of collaborative work
 – Insightful and passionate about AI research
 – An insatiable learner

Roboticist in the AI field

[Job Description]
 – Providing Robotic solutions to customer problems (mostly big businesses)
 – Project management / Resource management

 – Masters degree or higher in Robotics or Engineering
 – Python, C++ or C# skills
 – Experience with ROS
 – Linux experience
 – Reading and writing in English

 – Math and Physics knowledge
 – Experience in 3D simulation environments
 – Understanding of Machine Learning techniques
 – Experience managing engineering teams
 – Business-level English

[Our Ideal Candidate Is]
 – A team player capable of collaborative work
 – Curious about latest technologies
 – Constantly looking for new methods to experiment with

Terms and How to apply

We are an international and interdisciplinary group of professionals, many of whom have experience working at a large organization or a foreign-owned company. We value independence and self-motivation, which allow engineers to be fully creative and productive from defining problems to finding solutions without many limitations.
Join our best and brightest team to make social impacts!


[Employment type]
  – Full-time employee / Business outsourcing / Intern or Through consultation
  – In accordance with your experience and ability, our company stipulates preferential compensation and transportation expenses
[Days off] 
  – Weekdays two days, public holidays, New Year holidays


 – Remote work is possible
 – flexitime working hours
 – Casual clothes
 – Multinational employees
 – Free drinks
 – Study support system
 – Ample recreation
 – Open office (newly built office with alot of windows and green plants)
 – Muscle training machine

How to apply

Please attach a resume to the following e-mail address.