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Senior Software Engineer


Job Description

・AI peripheral system development (data aggregation apps, pseudo data generation apps, data visualization apps, APIs for customers, etc.)
・Integration of AI Solutions with clients’ existing systems
・Negotiation with partner companies for system development
・Business interviews with customers and definition of requirements

Required Skills

・Software development experience (design, development, testing, support, version control software, project management systems)
・Coordination of small project design and specifications
・Basic knowledge of servers and network communications
・Ability to work on multiple small projects in parallel.

Welcome Skills *Available if any part is applicable.

・Experience developing .NET applications and libraries
・Basic knowledge of statistics
・Basic knowledge of machine learning
・Working experience with Python (Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, etc.)
・Basic knowledge of image processing and image processing libraries (PIL, OpenCV, etc.)
・Japanese language proficiency equivalent to “C1
・Working experience with version control systems (GIT, etc.)
・Experience developing cloud apps and systems (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.)
・Edge computing development experience
・Web or mobile development experience
・I/F development experience related to field bus (experience related to robots is welcome)
・Experience developing systems using Docker
・Expert level knowledge of image processing
・At least one production-level app/system development experience
・English proficiency equivalent to “B1” (to the extent of communicating with internal engineers)

The kind of person we are looking for

・People who can take concrete action based on vague ideas.
・People who embrace diversity in a global venture
・People who believe that leadership and membership are equally important.
・Have an interest in AI and like to interact with other members of the team on technology.

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