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Cross Compass Ltd.


10th April, 2015


Katsunobu Suzuki


2-9-11-9F Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033
Phone 81-3-6380-9729

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Business Detail

AI and AI platform development

Our Team

Antoine ​​​​​​Pasquali, ​​​​​​Ph.D.

Department Manager
AI Research Department 

After graduating from the Technical University of Paris, he continued his AI research for 12 years in Belgium and France and at the University of Tokyo.
He founded an AI consulting company, and developed an automatic chestnut sorting machine which sorted 10 times faster than humans.
Joined Cross Compass in 2015.

Keiko Hiranaka, ​​​​​​Ph.D.

Department Manager
Advanced AI Development Department

She studied Astronomy for 10 years in the US. Her research focused on constraining the size distribution of dust particles in brown dwarf atmospheres. After graduation, she worked at a data science consulting company to solve various types of customer problems including finance, education, insurance, and politics.
She returned to Japan and joined Cross Compass in 2018.

Tomohiko Okazaki

Department Manager
IX Development Department

Olaf Witkowski ​​​​​​Ph.D.

director, chief scientist at Cross Labs

He is a director of scientific affairs and chief scientist at Cross Labs. He’s also an affiliated research scientist at the Earth-Life Science Institute at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and a regular visiting scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.  He has been organizing numerous meetings on AI and intelligence sciences.

Data Scientist

Software Engineer



AI Consultant

Device Specialist

Patent Attorney

Infrastructure Engineer