Cross Roads

Expert Meetup on Intelligence Science in Research × Industry

Cross Roads are monthly meetups at the intersection between academic research in intelligence science, and AI industry expertise.

Cross Roads events aim at discussions and learning together about cutting-edge AI and intelligence science in contact with the tech industry. Each event invites a special guest speaker, who leads an open-ended discussion with the audience on a specific topic of intelligence science. The discussion is followed by an informal meetup, allowing for the audience to meet each other and discuss further the topic of discussion.

Event Reports

Cross Roads welcomes an interdisciplinary crowd interested in intelligence science at the crossing between academic research and technology industry. Our approach is interdisciplinary, and includes artificial intelligence, robotics, cognitive neuroscience, artificial life, computer vision, computational linguistics, among many other disciplines. Our meetings are open to all researchers, scholars and technology experts who are excited in our approach.

2. Offloaded Agency

Guest speaker: Prof. Takashi Ikegami

1. Autonomous Meaning Creation

Guest speaker: Dr. Michael Spranger